St Christophers Cycling Club, Based in East Kilbride.

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Friendly Welcoming Club

St Christophers is a welcoming club for cyclists of all ages and abilities

Members ride socially and competively. Regardless if you are a novice cyclist wishing to improve or an experienced racer you'll find St Christophers a welcoming club.
  • Auldhouse
    Improving your Cycling
    The weekly Auldhouse league is a great way to improve your cycling and stay motived. the main aim is to improve your time and of course have fun with like-minded cyclists
  • Club Runs
    Sunday Run ranges from local rides round the lanes to monthly days out. Most Sunday are runs normally split into two groups a leisurely paced shorter ride and a longer faster paced group
  • Winter Training
    After getting fit during the summer months you don't want to lose that hard earned fitness during the winter. the club holds weekly indoor circuits and spin events over the winter.
  • Time Trials
    Many people in the club take part in time trials over the summer, the club organises several events.

Join the Club

Joining a cycling club is a great way to improve your cycling and meet like minded people and riding partners

  • Win Trophies

    The club has numerous competions from hill climbs, winter Time trials to down hill competions. Get recognition for your hard work

  • Socialable Riding

    Meet people to ride with the club has a wide range of abilities

  • Look Smart

    Get smart looking cycling gear in our club colours

  • It's value for money

    membership won't break the bank, currently £15 a year

Before joining the club it is probably best to come along and meet us and see if the club is what you are looking for. Either contact us using the contact information below, or come along to one of our events. During the summer months the Auldhouse league is a perfect way to meet people, or during the winter come to our winter training evening and have a coffee with us.

Once you join you'll receive a membership pack that provides you with information on the club and explains the club completions. howver there will always be club members who will be happy to help you and give you advice where needed

Jack Robertson Auldhouse League

The League is an event running from May to September, it's a 10 mile course round the lanes of Auldhouse.

Where we meet

We meet at Langlands Drive in the Kelvin Industrial Estate in East Kilbride.

Time we meet

normally we meet at 7.15 for a 7.30 Start, times vary at the start and end of the season

How fast do need I to be

You are racing yourself, so it doesn't matter if you are fast or slow (as long as you make it round before it gets dark).

Club Members

It is good to put a face to a name. Meet some of our members

Andy Wilson

Club Treasurer

David Turner

Club Secretary


Club Chairman

Club Ride Captin

Keith Stoddart

Contact Us

Got Questions? drop a line to us & we will be in touch soon.